Bitcoin price ATH in memes: ‘Same same, but different’

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has spawned thousands of memes since its inception in 2009, with the community creating tons of funny pics to chuckle about its ups and downs as well as other related events.

On March 8, 2024, Bitcoin made another all-time high (ATH) price level of $70,199 after breaking the long-standing record price of $69,000 on March 5, 2024.

Bitcoin’s latest price milestone has been no exception for crypto meme makers and artists, as the event has triggered massive attention on social media.

Cointelegraph has picked a few Bitcoin ATH memes to chuckle at one more time this weekend.

Dune and Bitcoin meme

The Dune and Bitcoin meme has amassed massive attention on social media, with the community showing much love amid the premiere of Denis Villeneuve’s epic science fiction film Dune: Part Two in the United States in early March.

The meme plays around Dune’s chronology, bringing up parallels between the movie’s announcement date, the part one premiere and the new movie with Bitcoin’s historic ATHs. The meme appears to have been originally created by Zurp co-founder Troy Osin

The meme builds upon not only the sense of chronological coincidence but also the existing meme base, which refers to the actual science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert.

The fictional melange has much in common with Bitcoin, as it’s a decentralized digital currency, and its supply is programmed to be limited to 21 million coins.

By combining the themes of Dune and Bitcoin in a meme, creators may be drawing parallels between the scarcity, value and power dynamics associated with the fictional world of Dune and the real-world phenomenon of Bitcoin.

“Same same, but different” art by Lina Seiche

More of a concept art masterpiece than a meme, Lina Seiche’s Bitcoin ATH art builds upon the price closeness of the most recent ATH to the previous Bitcoin ATH set two years ago.

As some skeptics might probably get critical of Bitcoin’s “insufficiently high” price record and “sameness” with the previous ATH, Seiche’s art emphasizes that it’s quite different this time from the context perspective.

The latest Bitcoin ATH has been recorded amid solid industry events like the successful launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds in the United States, years of adoption by nation states like El Salvador as well as growing Wall Street adoption.

On the other hand, the previous Bitcoin ATH in November occurred during the crypto industry’s significant reliance on platforms that subsequently collapsed due to alleged fraud, including crashes of the FTX and the Terra ecosystem and the massive crypto lending crisis.

“It’s been two years”

The Bitcoin ATH drove some magic attention to social media and DMs of someone’s EX. No need to go into details on that one, Reddit has it all.

People who bought Bitcoin at $65,000 in 2021

The ongoing rally of Bitcoin brought the cryptocurrency’s prices to levels not seen in more than two years.

After hitting $69,000 in November 2021, BTC started plummeting and dropped below $17,000 by the end of 2022. The cryptocurrency then traded around $20,000 for a long time before it headed its way toward new all-time highs in late 2023.

No one knows how much higher Bitcoin will grow during another bull run and whether it is too early to sell for those who bought in November 2021.

I always knew that Bitcoin was a huge scam

The meme plays on sarcasm over the classic narrative of Bitcoin haters, who prefer not to own BTC because they believe it’s a scam.

Needless to say, Bitcoin critics must be happy they “found out” that BTC was a “scam” some time in 2011 when it cost $3.

No coiner meme

Bitcoin’s most recent ATH brought back some old and gold memes about good and bad timing for buying by no-coiners, or people who don’t own Bitcoin for certain reasons.

While many no-coiners apparently only realize they should have bought some BTC only when Bitcoin hits another ATH, they forget they wanted to purchase some Bitcoin by the time it touches lows again.

Bitcoin down $2,000: It’s all gone

How much should Bitcoin fall so no-coiners are back to laughing at hodlers? $2,000 should be enough, memes say.

John Cena Bitcoin

The John Cena Bitcoin meme by Cointelegraph’s social media expert Sohail Shaikh was a nice chuckle for the team. You should check it in case you’ve missed it.

“I think the idea for that meme was, while everyone was celebrating the ATH, nobody was talking about the patience of hodlers. So it was a kinda ode to them,” Shaikh noted.

2021 investors be like:

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