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If you have paid attention to the news in 2021, you definitely came across multiple mentions of NFTs. You might recall hearing about notable events like Jack Dorsey’s original tweet or NFT auctions in major auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s. NFT communities are growing by the day and don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. If you are wondering how that may be helpful to you, the Third Eye Ape Society is a great place to begin.

The Third Eye Ape Society is a community of crypto enthusiasts with different backgrounds. As new developments happen in the crypto space, sharing of knowledge becomes more important. That’s one of the reasons why the Society exists. Its main aim is to enlighten members on the future of NFTs, Virtual Reality, and the metaverse in general.

The Third Eye Ape Society’s goal is to bring together people interested in the development of the crypto space. The platform’s native token, $TEAS, is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. According to its developers, community members who enter the Whitelist will mint the token at a discounted price of 0.1 ETH. 

If you are wondering how this is different from what other communities offer, here are a few things that set the Third Eye Ape Society apart. Unlike other communities, this one does not offer virtual experiences only. The Third Eye Ape Society offers real-life value to project holders who go outside the metaverse. The platform will allow members to stake their NFTs for financing. This will be used to open an Amazon or Walmart eCommerce store.

In the coming days, the Third Eye Ape Society members will also have a chance to own a part of a digital island. The ownership will depend on the uniqueness of their NFTs. Rarer Apes will hold higher value and consequently, a bigger share of the digital island. The Society will also be hosting giveaways soon. Members will have an opportunity to win prizes such as a supercar or an Amazon eCommerce store.

Additionally, the founders of the society offer training and development opportunities. Members have the opportunity to get firsthand knowledge of new developments in the crypto space. This helps to curb scams and false information that may result in losses.

The Third Eye Ape Society does not stop there. It also offers a community investment fund where members can earn more. Every project holder is eligible for equity in the investment fund. This fund will be exclusively available to project owners, and they will have the freedom to choose what they want to invest in.

The Third Eye Ape society members will have the choice between other crypto projects and real-life businesses. The project developers’ mission is to create financial freedom for members. This will positively impact the planet and contribute to the development of the new economy the world is now experiencing.

The NFT space has the potential to grow in the coming years. The developers of the Third Eye Ape Society know that and that’s why they are offering its members the chance to grow with the project. By joining the project early, you will be well prepared when the time comes to reap the benefits.

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