It’s Never Been Easier Or More Transparent To Get Crypto In Canada Thanks To WonderFi

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As the largest crypto company in Canada, WonderFi streamlines the crypto buying process so that it is easy and convenient for everyone to get in. Co-founded by Ben Samaroo, WonderFi is changing the way Canadians utilize crypto.

With financial freedom at the top of everyone’s mind, cryptocurrency is gaining more and more momentum across the globe. In Canada, it is estimated that 1.2 million people – or 3.2% of the population, own cryptocurrency. And at the center of Canada’s growing digital assets market, is a revolutionary company called WonderFi that is making it easier for everyone to acquire, trade, and earn crypto. 

Backed by business mogul Kevin O’Leary, WonderFi is the owner of regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and serves as a trusted gateway to the new financial system.

“Being able to access crypto in a safe and compliant way is really compelling,” Ben Samaroo says, who is the co-founder and CEO of WonderFi. “A lot of Canadians are participating in crypto for trading purposes, and it opens up opportunities for those who have crossed over into the decentralized finance world,” he continues. With over 5 years of experience in the crypto industry, Samaroo brings his expertise to WonderFi, helping to make it the top crypto company in Canada. 

Founded in 2020, WonderFi is transforming the crypto industry by not only educating users on crypto, but by also streamlining the crypto buying process for consumers and investors. WonderFi sets itself apart from other crypto companies on the market by prioritizing transparency and education for its users. 

Currently, WonderFi is the only publicly listed crypto platform on the Toronto Stock Exchange which is the largest exchange platform in Canada. “What we’re doing is providing compliant and regulated access to crypto,” Samaroo says. “We make it safe and secure for everyone to access cryptocurrency,” he adds.

In December 2021, WonderFi acquired Bitbuy, which is the first licensed crypto marketplace in Canada. Through the platform, Canadians can buy and sell crypto assets, with all trades taking place on its regulated marketplace. It is the perfect option for Canadians looking to invest in crypto assets easily and safely in a regulated environment.

In July 2022, WonderfFi also acquired Coinberry, which is the first licensed crypto dealer in the nation, and another revered trading platform. Founded in 2017, Coinberry has helped over 220,000 Canadians on their crypto journey and has hit over $1 billion dollars in trading volume.

With these acquisitions and plans of further expansion, WonderFi is a national powerhouse making history, and setting the standard for what crypto buying and trading should look like across borders. WonderFi provides consumers with easy access to the crypto market, a platform for trading, investment and financial growth opportunities, as well as the ability to measure the performance of your assets all in one place.

To start buying and trading crypto, it’s as easy as going to the Bitbuy or Coinberry websites and creating an account. From there, you’ll be able to transfer funds or connect a wallet, begin to acquire, trade, earn, and also track your performance. 

With billions of dollars being led through the digital world, the opportunity to get in is now.  WonderFi’s team believes that everyone should have equal access to finance, and are aligned in the mission to empower people around the world to access finance in a simple, smart and secure way.

“People feel like they can’t buy or trade crypto, or they’re not interested in it for whatever reason, but digital assets and crypto are all about providing equal access to finance,” Samaroo says. “This technology has the potential to democratize access to finance, or it has the potential to just be another asset class that only the top 1% richest people are trading in, have access to and are making money off of. The choice is simple, and the choice is yours,” Samaroo concludes. 

To start building generational wealth and buy and sell crypto with confidence, join BitBuy and Coinberry today.

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