Cookie3 and Chainwire partner to measure press release impact on-chain

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The Web3 user analytics platform Cookie3 announced a partnership with the blockchain press release service Chainwire on Jan. 10.

In an X post, Cookie3 explained that the partnership provides companies with ways to track the success of their press releases. It wrote:

 “While Chainwire amplifies your press releases across multiple platforms, it’s essential to measure their real impact. This is where Cookie3 comes in. It tracks how these releases influence user actions [on-chain], such as NFT transactions and token trades.”

The company also stated on X that Cookie3 users can take advantage of a 10% discount when they use Chainwire. Users can enter the discount code ‘campaigns’ on Cookie3 in order to access that discount.

Chainwire and Cookie3 separately announced the news and provided further details in a press release published on the Chainwire website.

That press release suggests that users of services at both companies will benefit from the partnership. First, it states that Cookie3 clients will be able to access Chainwire’s press release (PR) capabilities through the partnership. Secondly, it states that Chainwire clients will be able to receive improved user and attribution analytics for their campaigns through the arrangement.

The press release emphasized Chainwire’s presence in the crypto industry, noting that hundreds of Web3 companies use the service to distribute press releases.

What Is Cookie3?

Cookie3’s analytics services allow Web3 projects to track user activity as it transitions from off-chain to on-chain. That information can help projects choose optimal campaigns. Furthermore, Cookie3 provides ways to track crypto-related actions such as whitelist sign-ups, NFT minting, and token purchases, plus ways to track traditional Web2 actions such as page visits and social media shares.

The company said that it offers fast, 60-second campaign setup times and said that its services can increase conversion rates by more than 20%.

Cookie3 also described competition with Google’s marketing and user analytics services, calling its own services “Google Analytics for Web3.” However, it did not compare the two services in any further detail within the press release.

Disclosure: CryptoSlate maintains a relationship with and receives press releases through ChainWire. CryptoSlate has no relationship with Cookie3.

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