Solana (SOL) Maintains Bullish Trajectory Above 100-Day SMA, Rally Looms?

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Solana (SOL) has shown remarkable market resilience by holding onto its position above the 100-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) in spite of notable market turbulence. SOL has seen a lot of volatility in the last several months, but it has found firm support at this pivotal moving average, indicating a persistent positive mood.

The ability of Solana to hold above the 100-day SMA shows that buying enthusiasm outweighs any downward pressure, providing a good basis for future upward momentum thereby attracting the attention of traders and investors.

As of the time of writing, SOL’s price was down by -0.56%, trading at about $172. Its market capitalization was over $79 billion, and its 24-hour trading volume was over $1.9 billion. Both market capitalization and the trading volume are down by -24% and -22.39% respectively.

Technical Analysis Of Solana

This analysis was carried out using both the 4-hour and daily timeframe with the help of the 100-day SMA and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators.

Solana is currently moving in a consolidation manner, building up momentum above the 100-day simple moving average in the 4-hour chart. Judging from the price movement, it can be suggested that SOL might move upward.


The 4-hour relative strength index is also actively positive as the RSI line is seen trending above the 50% level. From this RSI formation, it can be suggested that SOL will move down a bit closer to the SMA before making a good move in the upward direction.

SOL on the 1-day chart also looks bullish as it attempts to move upward after rejection at the $160 support level. Thus at this point, It can be suggested that the price of SOL can still potentially move upward.


Finally, we can see that the daily RSI is highly bullish because it rejected a downward move at the 50% level and started to rise again, indicating that the crypto asset is bullish and that the price could make a run for it.

SOL’s Potential Price Movements

As of right now, Solana is moving upward toward the $188 resistance level. If SOL’s price breaks this level, it will continue to move upward to test the $205 resistance level and probably move on to create a new high if it breaks above this $205 level.

However, if it is unable to overcome this resistance level, it will start to decline in the direction of the $160 support level. Should it break below this support level it will continue to move down to test the $140 support level. Furthermore, SOL may witness a deeper correction to test the $118 support level on the chart if it breaks the above support level.

SOL trading at $172 on the 1D chart | Source: SOLUSDT on

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